How much is Paint Protection Film?

In this post, we discuss how much should PPF cost? There is no straight answer to this question, but you certainly shouldn’t pay too little or too much. Allow me to elaborate….

Paying too much

This may seem a simple one, but how much is too much?

Back in the 90’s, UPVC window salesmen were getting away with charging up to £25k for a 3-bedroom house installation, and some people didn’t bat an eyelid.

This was because they had absolutely no prior knowledge of how much this revolutionary new product should cost, and PPF is no different.

With any job there are certain factors that can sway the cost up or down somewhat, but the industry average for PPF installation goes something like this –

Front bumper – £350-500 inc vat

Full front coverage – £1200 – £1800 inc vat

Full car coverage – £3000 – £6000 inc vat

While every car is different, and some are more complex than others, these are a good guideline for the first time PPF customer.

Paying too little

If you find an installer offering prices much lower than those I have highlighted, you should think very carefully before choosing this company.

Anybody who has trained and installed PPF correctly and to a high standard will know 2 things –

  1. It cannot be done quickly
  2. It cannot be done cheaply

If you are quoted a much lower price, that will be completed in much less time than elsewhere, steer well clear.

They will be using an inferior product and probably will not be adequately insured either.

PPF is a high-end product that must be installed correctly, by trained individuals in a controlled environment.

I provided a comparative quote the other day and was told by the customer the other quote was half the price of mine.

After a bit of digging, it turned out the company were offering to install the film on the customer’s driveway!

This is an extreme example, but sadly what is on offer in the PPF market, and many uninformed customers are being left out of pocket with substandard work.

To ensure you get the finish, quality, and longevity that PPF offers, look for an installer who has the following –

  • A clean spacious studio
  • A plotter to cut precise patterns
  • Uses a recognized brand of film
  • Offers a warranty
  • Requires pre-inspection of the vehicle


Lastly, the security of your car is paramount and should be the number one factor when choosing your installer.

  • Do they have comprehensive insurance?
  • Do they have a good CCTV and alarm system in place?

Most cars that have PPF installed are of a high calibre, and range in value from £50k for a BMW, right up to £5m for a Bugatti Veyron.

Regardless of your car’s value, there is simply no sense in saving a few hundred pounds with the cheapest quote, only to then leave your car uninsured.

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