Why you should ceramic coat your paint protection film?


In the latest blog instalment, we go about answering the question – “Why you should ceramic coat your paint protection film?”. Using our industry knowledge, we have come up with a few notable points on why we think ceramic coating your Paint protection film is best for both your wallet and the long term health of your paint.

Improved Shine

While Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF is extremely optically clear, it is still going to be slightly different to the cars paint finish. To improve on this, many installers and car owners, install a ceramic coating on top of the film.

Improved Hydrophobicity

Another disadvantage of using paint protection film is that debris tends to stick to it quite well.  This is because it’s not naturally very hydrophobic.
The solution to this issue is to apply a professional grade ceramic coating like Xpel Fusion Plus on top of the PPF.

Less valeting required

When the PPF is more hydrophobic, less dirt, debris, water spots, bird droppings, and other contaminants will stick. This helps to reduce several the number of car washes needed – which saves money.

Less annual maintenance

Along with reducing car washing, a ceramic coating combined with a PPF also leads to fewer trips to the detailer.
Even with a super durable product like ppf, it is still advisable to have regular inspections every 6 months at your chosen installer.
While a quality installation will last for years, small lifts in certain areas can still occur, whether due to dirt build-up or improper washing. Booking your car in for a professional valet and inspection gives the installer the opportunity to check and rectify any small issues before they become a major problem.

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