How to clean glass

VLOG: How to Professionally Clean Glass


They say that if you want to know how good a detailer is, take a look at their glasswork.

When it comes to car glass, there are no shortcuts and it’s also one of the toughest areas to achieve great results.

In this blog, we will discuss the techniques, products and pro secrets to achieving spotless, streak-free glass on your car.

Exterior Glass

I order to achieve a great finish, it’s all down to how thoroughly you clean your car, and the more dirt and grime you can remove at this stage the better

Exterior glass can become very contaminated over time, with tree sap and dead flies hampering your efforts to create a crystal clear windscreen for example.

As part of your wash routine, try using a wash mitt with a bug scrubber on one side the glass and you will easily remove the heavy or stuck-on debris.

This will drastically increase the effectiveness of your glass cleaner and lead to a better finish.

Interior Glass

Most interior glass is less dirty than the exterior, but the interior windscreen can be a particularly troublesome area for 2 reasons –

1 – It’s the most tricky area to reach and one that gets ignored for that very reason.

2 – Plastic and leather dashboards contain oils, and on hotter days, these oils will evaporate into the cars atmosphere and land on the glass.

In summary, regular cleaning of your car’s glass is essential to reduce the build-up of dirt and make the job less difficult.


There are lots of great glass cleaners on the market, but the one we put our faith in for a truly great result is Angelwax Vision.

Cheaper glass cleaners are often the cause of streaks, as the harsh chemical ingredients will dry on the surface, and leave unsightly marks.

Angelwax Vision leaves no smears, is easy to remove, and produces a crystal clear finish every time.

A good quality glass cloth is essential, and while they might seem expensive, they are worth every penny.

Look for a cloth with a waffle or fish scale pattern for extra cleaning power and a personal favourite is the Gtechniq MF5 Power glass cloth.


Pro Tips & Techniques

1- Clean the exterior VERTICALLY and the interior HORIZONTALLY.

This way you will always know which side of the glass has the smear.

2 – Fold your cloths into 4 so you have 8 separate squares to work with.

By using each square once on each glass panel, and you will avoid moving grease from one window to another and making your job harder.

3 – Roll your windows down and clean the tops first.

Lots of dirt can build up in the seals and looks really unsightly when you have the window rolled down halfway.

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