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PPF brands: Which is best?


The question we will try to answer in this latest blog post is – which PPF brand do you go for?

While 3M initially created PPF, and eventually fine-tuned it for automotive applications, today several manufacturers offer PPF.

Some of the leading PPF products offered to consumers today include brands such as Suntek, Xpel, Llumar and Premium Shield.

As an accredited Xpel installer, we truly believe it is the best product on the market, but we would say that wouldn’t we.

There are many PPF brands on the market today, and they can all offer superb protection.

The XPEL Touch

It really comes down to the preference of the installer/customer in which product they choose, but we chose Xpel for the following reasons:


Xpel has the most accurate and vast array of designs for almost any modern vehicle, and the accuracy of the patterns are mm precise.

Adhesive Strength

Xpel films are 3 times stronger at bonding to the paintwork than any other brand on the market.

Self-Healing Properties

Xpel Ultimate Plus has the highest concentration of the elastomeric polymer which gives the self-healing element to the film

The Support

The training and support we receive from Xpel have been superb. As an installer or customer, you need peace of mind that if things go wrong you have somebody to turn to.

Xpel provide this to us as installers, so we, in turn, can provide it to you, the customer


We encourage all our potential clients to do their research thoroughly when deciding on which PPF brand to select, and we often find they come around to the Xpel product for the same reasons we did.

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