Prevent Leaves From Damaging Your Car


Nothing could be more autumnal then falling leaves, covering our streets and driveways like a colourful warm blanket. However, there’s a hidden danger during this season that most people aren’t even aware…

Leaves can cause damage to your car!

For the most part, many of the falling leaves will simply land on your car, and then blow away in the wind.

But when the leaves (or your car) are wet from rain, they will stick, and If they are left on there too long, they can start to decompose and release chemicals onto your vehicle.

These substances can include sap, pollen, and acid, and they have many negative effects.

First, these substances (especially sap) will make the leaves even stickier over time, making it harder for you to remove them.

Secondly, after the leaves are gone, if not removed or washed right away, this residue can leave marks on your paint or stick to your windshield, creating trouble for your wiper blades.

The third and most devastating effect is that the chemicals can leach into your paint causing spots, marks, and discolouration.

If you allow leaves to pile up on your vehicle for days at a time, the leaves can also start to rot within your engine bay, leading unpleasant smells coming through your air vents.

By simply removing the build-up of leaves from your engine bay each week, you can prevent costly repairs or specialist valeting to clean up the mess.

If you live in an area with lots of trees, the simplest prevention method would be to park in your garage where possible.

But if parking in a garage is not possible, then we recommend purchasing a high-quality car cover, preferably one with a soft lining to prevent scratches.

We advise treating leaves like you would frost or snow, and remove them from your car before you drive, this will ensure a safer drive for you and your family this Autumn.

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