Car Polishing: what can and can’t be achieved?

One of the key things we discuss with a customer prior to detailing a car, is what to expect from the finish, and how much damage can or should be removed in terms of car polishing.

The short and easy answer is we try to remove as much damage as possible and create the most flawless finish possible, however….

I have always lived by the following detailing mantra – “Just because you could, doesn’t mean that you should”. *disclaimer – I did sort of steal this from Jeff Goldblum in the movie Jurassic park*.

Let me explain further and provide an insight into modern car paintwork.

1 – Modern car paintwork is water-based, very easy to scratch.

This is another throwback to the issue with cheap valeting and why you should take proper care of your car (see our Top 5 reasons to avoid the car wash blog).

2 – Manufacturers now apply the bare minimum amount of clearcoat possible.

The amount of clear coat on a car is finite, and therefore, a finite amount of polishing can be achieved over time.

The combination of a finite amount of soft, already thinly applied the clearcoat, with poor quality valeting (and this is not just the car wash, the dealerships cause just as much damage) results in scratches that cannot be removed without heavy polishing and the added danger of going through the clearcoat.

There is simply no point in fixing a scratch and replacing it with a more costly and damaging clearcoat issue.

When it comes to scratches, like many things in life, prevention is always better than a cure.

We often highlight to customers that the finish we can achieve is based on 2 factors:

1 – The existing condition of the car’s paintwork, so if you give us good, we can achieve greatness, but give us bad and we may only be able to achieve an average.

2 – What is the safest way to achieve the best possible finish without risking a more costly issue further down the road.

It is also worth remembering that most cars are corrected in order to have a ceramic coating applied, and the ceramic coating needs some clearcoat left to bond to, otherwise, the protection you have paid for simply won’t last.

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