Stone Chips: How to fix them and can they be avoided?

In this blog we will address probably the biggest issue facing those want to really drive and enjoy their cars performance – STONE CHIPS!

This will be a fairly brief but concise blog, based on our experiences with stone chips and the questions we are always asked by our customers.

Question 1 – I have a stone chip, what are my options?

While small stone chip repair is possible, the finish is always going to be the issue.

Trying to blend in and level the new paint against the old rarely results in an invisible finish, and in my experience as a detailer, can look worse than the actual stone chip did.

It is also not a long-term solution and stone chip repairs quite often fail over time and end up being a waste of your hard-earned cash.

When it comes to bumpers and bonnets and any other high visibility area, we always recommend a respray, but this comes with a much higher cost and further issues with blending in the new paint job to the adjacent panels.

This is increasingly difficult with certain colours and finding a really good paintwork company can be even more challenging.

Question 2 – I had the damage fixed; how do I prevent it from happening again?

A very simple and short answer to this one, PAINT PROTECTION FILM.

This is your only option so don’t be fooled by the marketing claims of any Ceramic coating product or installer claiming otherwise.

We are also Ceramic Pro accredited installers, and while a ceramic coating is certainly better than the cars factory clear coat, it simply will not stop stone chip damage.

Question 3 – How do I stop stone chips in the first place?

Contact DSJ Detailing today to discover the benefits of installing Xpel paint protection film on your cherished vehicle.

Xpel PPF offers superb stone chip and scuff resistance for your paint and truly performs if the worst happens.

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