Everyone’s a detailer these days!

In this blog, I want to address something that is plaguing the industry at present, and one that is costing the car owner dearly. Every valeter now calls themselves “A DETAILER”.

Now, this is not some form of industry snobbery, rather a genuine concern we have for any car owner, who experiences a sub-standard level of work at the hands of those claiming to be what they are not.

There are many people out there using the title of detailer, but who simply don’t have the skill, equipment or environment to perform the task.

So, when looking at choosing a detailer, there are a few things for you to consider carefully.


It goes without saying that if you are talking to a detailer, you care about your car, and when it comes to putting your car in the hands of somebody else, the lowest price should never be your main priority.

With any professional service, a significantly lower price will often indicate a lower level of care and skill involved in the work.

Car detailing is also a very long process when performed correctly, and if someone is charging a significantly lower price for the work, it stands to reason they are investing much less time also.

I love the phrase “you will only ever get what you pay for” but I prefer to tell our customers you should only ever pay for what you get.


Detailing a car takes time so be wary of a “detailer” telling you a job can be completed in a day, when others are quoting 2-3.

Creating a finish is one thing, but creating a finish that lasts and carries a comprehensive warranty requires much more, especially time.

Below are some examples of how long a good detailer will spend on the following tasks –

  • Full valet = 6-7 hours
  • Pre polish preparation = 4-5 hours
  • Single-stage machine polish = 5-6hours
  • 2-3 stage machine polish = 12-16 hours
  • Application and curing of Ceramic Pro coatings = 24 hours


This is another area that is commonly used to convince a customer one product is better than another, but this can be a very perilous way to make your choice.

While a warranty is a great thing to offer a customer, they are always based on some very broad if’s, buts and maybes and are often nothing more than a marketing tool.

At DSJ, we offer a 10-year warranty on Xpel paint protection film, and a lifetime warranty on Ceramic Pro 9h coatings, which we are proud to tell customers.

We happily stand by these warranties, as we have seen the products do exactly what they claim to do, all year round.

However, nothing is infallible, and if our customers have a problem, we will always do our utmost to help.

Reputation is everything to us, and while the conditions of a warranty need to be followed, it simply doesn’t help either party to argue over the finer points.

We would much rather you let us know your issue and we will endeavour to keep you as a happy customer and a fan of DSJ.

Insurance & Security


If I were taking my car to a detailer, my key concern would then be the safety of my vehicle, no matter what it’s retail value.

Now if we assume they know what they are doing, it won’t suffer any damage from carelessness.

But the risk of theft and fire are the biggest threat to the car owner’s wallet, so always ask to see what their insurance policy covers should the absolute worst happen.

At DSJ we take our insurance and security very seriously.

We hold an all risks insurance policy and have a 24 hour, police monitored CCTV system in place, to give our customers complete peace of mind.

For further information on getting your car detailed, check out our blog “5 Top tips for getting a detail” at

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