Xpel PPF

Why Xpel PPF will save you money

Throughout this article, we provide our thoughts on why Xpel Paint protection Film (PPF) will actually save you money in the long term whilst protecting both your investment and your pride and joy.

When it comes to having your car detailed, paint protection film is the most expensive option you can select.

With upfront costs can ranging from £400 for the average bumper, to £1800 for complete front-end coverage, many car owners will be put off by the seemingly high price tag.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Applying XPEL PPF to a Porsche 997 Turbo Gen 2.

However, cost and expense are relative terms, and when damage occurs, there are many other factors a discerning car owner will be faced with. The following will highlight why the initial costs of Xpel paint protection film, are far less costly than the alternative of having repair work done later.

Stone chip repair kits

These are the most common choice for those who are unfortunate enough to suffer a stone chip, as they are relatively cheap to buy.

However, we don’t recommend or use them, as they often look worse than the damage itself, and I have rarely seen one that can be blended in perfectly.

Nothing shouts “poorly looked after car” than a stone chip touch up and will certainly lead to a potential buyer questioning the asking price.

Smart repairs

While companies like Chips Away do some fabulous work, the biggest issue with a smart repair is longevity.

The average cost of repairing a single, medium-sized front bumper scuff, can range from  £100 – £150 plus vat.

Sadly, these patch repairs often fade, leaving a visibly uneven finish which reduces the cars aesthetic and value.

Another issue with smart repairs, is the effect it has on the surrounding areas of undamaged paintwork.

Because smart repairs are often performed outside, the risk of overspray and contamination to the whole car is huge.

This damage then needs to be removed and often the whole car will need to be detailed and polished at an additional cost to the owner.


While this is the most expensive option, it is in my opinion, the only way to go to adequately repair stone chips and scuffs.

The average cost of a bumper respray is around £400 and as any good sprayer will tell you, carries the almost impossible task of matching the existing, older panel colour to the new paint.

This mismatch of colour can really spoil the look of a car, especially one with a specialist or a vibrant colour.

Once the panel has been made perfect again, the installation of Xpel paint protection film will offer protection against most damage and can eliminate the need to respray again.

So, in summary…

The only way to truly protect your cars future value, is to let DSJ Detailing expertly install Xpel paint protection film.

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