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DSJ Detailing – an employee’s perspective.

A follow-up blog on my detailing journey, by Ben Corfield.


When it comes to getting your car detailed, trust plays a huge part in your decision. I wanted to share the trust and effort DSJ have shown in me, to highlight why you should put your trust in them when it comes to your car.

Getting to where I am now at DSJ has not been an easy challenge – but it’s been one that I have thoroughly enjoyed!

Training – Xpel, Ceramic & Polishing

I have to say the biggest learning curve for me was the XPEL PPF training and I never expected to be included after just 6 months in the business. The course was intense and lasted a whole week, but it was vital to understand the science behind it and how to apply it properly and has enabled me to develop as a pro detailer! As well as XPEL, I asked Dan if I could the Ceramic Pro training, and again he was happy to push my development along further.

Not only is this a great accreditation to have, but I now understand the science and theory behind ceramic coatings. This, in turn, has enabled me to understand the nature of car paint and improve every area of my detailing work.

By taking me on these courses, the trust Dan has shown in me has radically improved how useful I now am to the team, but I now feel more like a professional detailer and not so much a trainee anymore! Achieving the XPEL PPF & Ceramic Pro accreditation is bar far my two proudest achievements to date.

Before earning those highly coveted certificates, I had to learn how to machine polish, and it is a lot harder than it looks!

Practice Makes Perfect

car detail

After being with DSJ for about six months, Dan decided to put me to the test on the machine polishers, another huge show of trust given how much damage these machines can do without the correct training. I remember being so eager to impress, that I couldn’t even keep the pad flat or the polish on the car, and it truly is harder than it looks on a Youtube video.

After 12 months of intense training, and countless cars along the way, it is such a brilliant feeling knowing that I am trusted to do the work to a professional standard.

Final Thoughts

I am extremely proud of where I am today, and incredibly thankful for the trust and effort this company has put into my development. If this company can take a completely inexperienced 17-year-old with no work experience and turn him into a professional detailer in just 12 months, just imagine the improvement they can make to your car.

Ps, if anyone owns a Lexus LFA, you will really put the icing on the cake by bringing it into our studio!

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