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Dealership Coatings – Why to Say No


The purchase of a new vehicle represents one of the largest financial investments you make, normally secondly only to a mortgage. As a result, it makes sense that this investment is protected to preserve both its aesthetic appearance and resale value. Having a vehicle protected from new is the ideal way to ensure it receives the best start in life.

Car Dealership Insight

Car dealerships often offer paintwork protection treatments as part of the sale of the vehicle. It’s just one of many add-on options which customers are presented with. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the key objective of the dealership is to sell as many vehicles and products as they can, upselling wherever possible. With this in mind, you have to ask, have the dealerships researched the performance and longevity of the coatings they are offering, or have they simply chosen the most profitable?

The dealership’s primary focus is not on the aftercare of the vehicle and their expertise is not in the coatings market. Given their primary objective, are they likely to be applying a coating based on performance characteristics and longevity? It is more likely they will choose a coating based on cost-effectiveness and speed of application. Another thing to consider is the amount of time spent on preparing a vehicle before a coating is applied.

When a new vehicle arrives at a dealership the protective films, foam guards and identifying stickers are removed and the vehicle is quickly valeted, then PDI checked. The vehicle is then ready to be collected, as a consequence of all of this hurried activity – sometimes less than an hour is spent on each vehicle – paintwork often becomes scratched and swirled. This is not helped by the fact that dealerships also tend to use sub-standard wash techniques and equipment.

If the dealership protection package has been purchased the coating will then be applied over the damage, this means the imperfections are sealed in beneath the coating. Dealership valeters are often under tight time restraints, meaning coatings aren’t applied properly, which will greatly reduce the longevity of the product.

We have even heard of horror stories of coatings not being applied at all! Coatings also require time to cure before being exposed to the elements, this can range from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on product choice. This curing time is often not possible at the dealership and the vehicle is moved outside as soon as it’s finished to make room for the next one, again this will affect the longevity of the coating.

So what is the alternative to the car dealership whose primary objective is sales?

DSJ Detailing

That’s where we come in!

As an independent vehicle detailing specialist, our priority is the same as the vehicle owner – the appearance and preservation of the vehicle. Our primary focus is for your vehicle to look its best and with our extensive knowledge and experience, this can be achieved.

Ceramic Pro Coatings

ceramic coatingsBeing a Ceramic Pro accredited detailing studio, we have a range of coatings that can be tailored to you and your vehicle, whether it be a daily driver or a weekend car. We also offer a protection product for every surface of the vehicle, not just the paintwork. Wheels, glass, plastic, metal and interior surfaces can all be treated.

Ceramic Pro coatings are all warrantied and with our extensive preparation process and application methods we can guarantee your coating will stand the test of time, keeping your vehicle looking better for longer. We offer a bespoke service and using our expertise and knowledge we can advise you on a protection package that meets your needs and expectations. We rely on the results of our work and abilities to stand as a testament to secure future work and therefore our priorities are more closely matched to the customer.

In conclusion, when paying for a protection package, certain things have to be considered. The time and attention an independent detailing studio such as ourselves can offer will ensure your vehicle will be presented in its best possible condition. The knowledge and experience we have will ensure that a bespoke package is applied and that it will perform as it should. The passion we have for what we do will ensure that your vehicle will be treated as if it was our own. These qualities will simply not be found at the dealership.

More information can be found on the ceramic pro official website here.

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