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Car Cleaning, Valeting or Detailing?


In this blog, I want to discuss the varying levels of price, quality and more importantly service, that exists across the car care industry today. In my experience, people’s idea of car care falls under one of the following:

  1. I just want my car to be cleaner than it was.
  2. I want my car to be thoroughly clean, inside and out.
  3. I want my car to be thoroughly clean, scratch-free and protected.

Do a quick Google search regarding valeting or detailing, and you will find a huge list of companies, all offering what look like similar services. This is where the confusion begins!

Option 1 – Car Wash

protect your car by washing it in the shade!

If you simply want your car to be “cleaner”, then the local £5 car wash will do just that.

However, there are many issues with the local car wash.

  • Your car will get scratched.
  • It will have areas that are not cleaned thoroughly.
  • The harsh chemicals used will destroy your car’s appearance.
  • You have no comeback regarding damage as they are not insured.
  • They are generally not the nicest of places to wait around in.

Option 2 – Mobile Car Valeter

If you are looking for a more thorough clean, then the use of a mobile valeter will be a good step up from the car wash. However, there are issues with mobile valeters:

  • Good mobile valeters are very hard to come by.
  • They are often booked up way in advance for this reason.
  • They will cost you approx. £75 for a full valet.
  • There are lots mobile valeters who will still charge you good money for a poor job.
  • Very few will have adequate insurance due to the high cost of comprehensive cover.
  • Mobile valeters work very quickly in order to make a living, and it is this speed that can lead to potential damage to your vehicle and a loss of future value.
  • Having your car cleaned on your driveway can be messy and car wash chemicals can also detrimental to planted areas of your front garden.

Option 3 – Car Detailing

car detailed by dsj

If you want your car clean, scratch free and with its value protected, then you need to seek out a DETAILER. DSJ detailing will:

  • Do a more thorough job than you have ever experienced.
  • Spend an average of 6 hours on a full valet.
  • Never leave scratches on your car.
  • Use only the finest soaps and materials available.
  • Cost you no more than a mobile valeter on average.
  • Offer a fully insured collect and return service at no extra cost.
  • Protect and improve the future value of your car.
  • Literally show you the difference we can make to your car.

If you own a car, regardless of value or brand, you will have considered its future value at some point.

If you choose to take your car to the cheap car wash, I can promise you that any saving you make now, you will lose many times over when you come to sell it.

My personal opinion is that given the choice between 2 identical cars, I would happily pay up to £1000 more for the one in great condition.

As a side note, if the owner took good care of it visually, it stands to reason they probably took good care of it mechanically as well.

Ponder this as a final thought……

Think back to when you first purchased your car.

If it looked back then as it looks right now, would you have bought it?

If you wouldn’t buy it, then neither will the person you’re trying to sell it to.

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