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Paint protection film (PPF), everything you need to know

The Car Wash Sales Pitch

Imagine I knock on your door and introduce myself as the local car washing guy with the following set of sales pitches:

“Hello sir/madam, we offer a complete car cleaning service for just £10.”

“We use only the poorest quality chemicals and low paid, uninsured workers, to ensure your car is left relatively cleaner than when we started”.

I doubt you would be very impressed and looking to make a booking. However, this is exactly what you are getting at the hand car wash, and the damage they inflict on your car can be devastating.

Check out our top 5 reasons to stay well away from the cheap car wash.

The cheap car wash won’t clean your car thoroughly!

The car wash is looking to clean your car in the quickest time, using any means possible.

The speed at which they work usually results in your car not being fully cleaned, rinsed or dried properly.

Makes you wonder why you bothered in the first place.

They use poor quality water and dirty equipment!

The water and wash mitts they use, are generally poor quality, old and heavily contaminated with the dirt from every vehicle cleaned before yours.

Even if you turn up at the car wash as the second car of the day, they are essentially washing your car with the dirty water from the previous car.

If they do take steps to clean the wash mitts, it normally takes the form of jet washing them while they are on the ground.

This is why your car will be left with swirls and scratches every single time.

The car wash has no insurance!

Another huge reason to avoid the hand car wash is the fact they have no insurance.

Any expression of dissatisfaction will be met with an uninterested stare, and good luck trying to prove the damage wasn’t already there when you drove in.

They cause permanent or expensive damage to wheels!

Modern alloy wheels, for example, require specialist care and are the area of your vehicle most likely to suffer expensive damage at the hands of the car wash.

Hand car washes use wheel acid to clean any type of wheel, and I have experienced first-hand, what this can do to modern alloys.

I once had the owner of a Jaguar with piano black alloys visit us after taking it to the local hand car wash where they used wheel acid.

The combination of the hot sunshine and wheel acid had stained the wheel face so badly, that even a heavy polish would not remove it.

The result of this was a full refurb to all 4 wheels, at a cost of approx. £400 and the owner was left without his car for 2-3 days while the repair work was being carried out.

The car wash will destroy that expensive paint protection you paid for!

After you have spent your time carefully choosing the colour and interior options for your new car, the salesperson suggests some form of protection to keep it looking that way.

Let’s not get into the debate about dealership coatings for now, but rather just say that getting some form of protection on the car is a good thing.

These coatings can cost anywhere between £200-800 depending on the product, and as we just mentioned, will provide some protection for the car.

Professional detailers will only use a pH Neutral shampoo, which is essential to ensure any protective coating is left intact after washing.

Hand car washes use the cheapest and most corrosive chemicals available, to get the job done quickly, and generally do not care what damage they cause.

After only a couple of cheap car washes, that expensive wonder coating the dealership applied is gone, leaving the car exposed to a wide variety of damage from bird poo, bugs, tar and salt!

More and more I’m being asked why is my car so stained, what is causing all those marks in the paint, and how can I stop it getting worse?

The answer is always the same, stop going to the car wash and pay a professional valeter to look after your car.

Visit and tell us about your car.

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