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The Detailing Journey by Ben


My name is Ben, and my detailing journey began in March 2019 as a 17-year-old car valeting novice, looking to find my way in the world of work. Since then I have learned more about car detailing than I could have ever imagined, and I wanted to share what I have learned from 12 months of training with true professionals who care about what they do.

The Journey

First of all, valeting can be a tough job, and my first 4 months were the hardest. Not only is the job very physical, but this is a job where you need to use your head every minute of every hour, and this can be equally tough.

The key to detailing is being thorough and making sure the smallest detail is given the best of attention, this is especially true when it comes to a vehicle’s interior. Applying this level of attention to an interior can be the difference between the customer saying, “that looks good, thank you” or “wow, that looks like a new car”.

I thought I would share some of the tips, tricks and products I use every day to ensure we create the WOW reaction every single time.

The day I became fully XPEL accredited to install Paint Protection Film! 

Interior Detailing – Leather

A key area of the modern interior that suffers greatly is a leather steering wheel. wheel and requires special attention with the right product. Leather is made of cow skin, and as such is affected in the same way as our own. Over time, the sweat from your palms can absorb into the pores of the leather, creating a layer of contamination which gives the leather a shiny, sticky feel to it, instead of the matte finish that clean leather has.

DSJ Detailing tip: Remember, “shiny Leather is dirty leather”

I recommend AngelWax ‘Heaven for Leather’ from

This is a gentle but effective, ph. neutral leather cleanser that nourishes, protects and revitalises all leather upholstery. It does a fantastic job in creating a fresh look and feel to the car’s interior and is a product I wouldn’t be without.

Interior Detailing – Trim

Another delicate area of the modern interior, to suffer from wear and tear, are the gloss black areas of trim.

If you want these areas in your car to look glossier and less scratched, I highly recommend Angelwax QED from just spray on, wipe off and watch it transform the interior trim.

One major benefit to a professional valet of your vehicle’s interior, especially given the current coronavirus situation, is it can help keep your family healthy.

Using a 178°C dry streamer, we are able to clean and sanitise the vents and air conditioning ducts, to help keep the recirculated air as safe as possible.

I can guarantee that as soon as you sit in your car after we’ve worked our magic, you will instantly feel refreshed!

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