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It’s only a car! Detailing Industry Insights


Throughout this article, we cover the common thought processed surrounding getting your car detailed versus a standard car wash.

Every week, thousands of people visit cheap hand car wash centres to get their car cleaned inside and out for around £10.

Most will leave relatively happy for the following reasons:

  1. The car is cleaner than when it went in
  2. It meant no effort on their part
  3. They see it as “only a car”

While reasons 1 & 2 are easy to justify and hard to argue with, let’s explore reason 3 in more detail. It isn’t that important to me, it’s only a car!

Industry Insights

As a car detailer, I hear this statement far too often and this is probably the biggest “false economy” statement I have ever heard.

The truth is that for the vast majority of us a car is an essential item, whether for getting to work, taking the kids to school or just getting out and about to enjoy ourselves. While a car is an investment on which you will see increasingly diminished returns, having the mindset that it’s therefore not worth caring for is like being in a slowly sinking boat and intentionally making the hole bigger.

Taking care of your car mechanically is essential, but it is also essential to care for the vehicle’s appearance for the following reasons:

  • A large part of your car’s resale value rests entirely on how good it looks.
  • Poor quality, cheap valeting can have devastating effects on the vehicle’s mechanical performance such as:
    • Brake failure caused by excess rust build-up
    • Cheap chemicals can cause severe damage to rubber seals, leading to everything from electrical damage, water leaks and even engine failure.
  • Returning the car after a lease or finance deal has ended can be costly if your car has any if not all of the following:
    • Scuffs, swirls marks and scratches
    • Bird poo or chemical staining
    • Interior staining to fabric or leather seats

car detailed by dsj

Take a look at the following approx. new car costs and decide for yourself if a £10 valet makes sense for any of these vehicles.

  • Ferrari 488 – Approx. £250k
  • McLaren 600LT – Approx. £190k
  • Porsche 911 Turbo S– Approx. £130k
  • Range Rover SVR – Approx. £100k
  • BMW M4 – Approx. £65k
  • Audi S5 – Approx. £50k
  • Mercedes C Class – Approx. £30k
  • Ford Focus – Approx. £20k
  • Ford Fiesta – Approx. £15k
  • Dacia Sandero – Approx. £6k

When you compare your vehicles value against the amount of money you are investing to keep it looking good, it is obvious that even the Dacia at just £6k brand new deserves more.

DSJ Detailing Tips

1.Instead of a weekly valet for £10, have your car detailed or fully valeted by a professional once a month for approx. £50 and see the following benefits:

  • You will spend very little extra
  • Your car will look better
  • Your car will stay cleaner for longer
  • A professional service will avoid swirls and scratches
  • Valeters are trained, insured and interested, hand car washes are not.

2.Have your car detailed and protected by a professional detailer and then invest in some basic valeting equipment:

  • A Karcher K2 pressure washer is only £80.
  • A valeting kit including grit guard buckets, wash mitts and wheel brushes will cost you approx. £60 but will last you for years.
  • and are our go-to source for quality equipment and valeting chemicals.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the insight into why getting a car detailed by a proffessional is a wise finiancial decision.

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