How Protect Your Car In The Summer

In the following blog, we cover the best ways to protect your car from the summer elements and the steps you need to be aware of when thinking of a protection option.

The story behind the summer’s drive

Few things in life can compare to driving along a country road in the summertime, soaking up the suns warmth and basking in the sense of freedom this joyous past time can bring. After countless hours cleaning your cherished vehicle, you set off on your afternoon drive, and it was glorious. And as you return home and pull up on the driveway, all is right with the world once more. But then, horror, anguish, and a sense of complete desolation hit you as bug splatter, bird muck and road grime lay etched onto your car’s bodywork like a sign above the entrance to hell reading “abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

Despair not my weary valeting friend, for there is a way to avoid slipping into the 7th circle of summer detailing hell.

By following these simple steps, you can reduce the time it takes to clean your car and help protect your car from the above issues.

Wash your car more regularly

While a seemingly obvious answer, this can be the difference between bugs and bird poo simply washing off your car or having a time-consuming job to remove.

Like any kind of dirt on any other surface, the longer it’s left, the harder it is to remove.

This is true regardless of whether your car has a ceramic coating, paint protection film, wax or sealant.

Proper maintenance can usually fix or prevent 80% of problems.

Protect your car by washing it in the shade

protect your car by washing it in the shade!

Car valeting school 101 for the following reasons:

  • Drastically increases the time you have to wash the car – who wants to be working at anything but a leisurely pace on a hot sunny day?
  • Avoid hard water stains – these can be difficult and time-consuming to remove if you live in a hard water area.
  • Prevent staining to sensitive surfaces – even the best car chemicals can leave chemical residues if the sun dries them out.
  • Avoiding sunburn – if like me you are not blessed with the skin tone of a Greek god, then save yourself the pain and damage that sunburn can bring.
  • The shade turns the suns heat to your advantage – shaded areas are still very warm, and it will reduce the effort required when drying the car.

Add a layer of protection to your paintwork

This is one of the most hotly contested topics on detailing forums, chats and blogs and much like using a baby book to name your new bundle of joy, these forums can leave you more confused than you started.

So, which is best and how will I know what is best for my car.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Consider the following before making your choice on car protection

Be wary of anyone who tells you one product is better than another.

Simply put, this is never true and is usually a sales pitch to heavily promote the latest “does it all’ product.

For example, we at DSJ favour Ceramic Pro but there are many ceramic coatings which, if applied and maintained correctly, will give you great value for money.

Any product or sales pitch that claims to be the answer to your prayers.

Even the most advanced, expensive, latest and greatest technology isn’t bulletproof and will still need maintenance.

Everything has strengths and weaknesses

Ceramic Coatings

  • Strength – Superb gloss, stays clean for longer, good protection, longevity.
  • Weakness – Does not protect against stone chips, suffers from hard water spots.

Wax or Sealant

  • Strengths – Cheap, easy to apply, easy to wash, improves gloss.
  • Weakness – Lack of longevity, lack of protection, lack of chemical resistance.

Paint protection film

  • Strength – Superb protection, no water spots, easy to clean, 10-year warranty.
  • Weakness – The highest cost to install and replace.

What is required to maintain the coating and the associated warranty?

Most warranties will require a regular valet, carried out in the correct manner i.e

  • No cheap hand or automatic car washes – that’s the best way to protect your car.
  • High-quality shampoo only.
  • Dried thoroughly.
  • Valeted by a trained and qualified professional.
  • You should expect to pay £50-70 for a professional valet.

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